"Arts Floraux"a project by Peter Currie and Colin Whitaker, will turn the 98Weeks project space into a temporary conceptual flower shop. Imagining the flower shop as an in-between place (between the natural and the commercial, between public and domestic, between local and global, between the momentary, the seasonal, and the enduring, and between decoration and art) this project animates some curious ideas about the way flower shops, flowers, plants and shrubbery come into play around Beirut.

The city's architecture - from the French mandate-era balconies to the modular modernist terraces and newly built glass patios of corporate condos - nearly always presumes some greenery mediating between city and home. In Beirut, public parks and gardens are few and far between, but concrete high-rises spill over with terrace gardens and local flower shops stay open deep into the night.

"Arts Floraux" takes off from this botanical impulse, presenting still-life arrangements with flowers and various found vessels and objects. Included among these objects, and recalling the vanitas tradition of still-life paintings, will be a collection of cow bones discovered in a Lebanese meadow that have mysteriously anthropomorphic features. Arrangements will be presented in different sculptural configurations, primarily against backdrops made from awning-canvas.


In conjunction with “Arts Floraux”, artist Rachel Hines will perform “Wildflowers” – a drawing session that will culminate from a walk through the neighborhood in search for wild flowers. Participants will wander through the neighborhood with the artist, gathering flowers, and encountering the space through collaborative aesthetics.

The action will begin at 11 am on Saturday, April 2nd, initiating from 98weeks, meandering throughout the streets and returning back to the “Art Floraux” exhibition space. Here the participants will arrange and draw from the flowers assembled after the walk. All are welcome, but space is limited. Please email if interested.


Colin Whitaker (American, 1980) is a filmmaker and artist currently working in Beirut. He studied film at New York University and has exhibited at the P.S. 1 Clocktower in New York, Evas Arche und der Feminist in New York, and at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. He participated in the Fall 2009 workshop with 98Weeks investigating the Mar Mikhail neighborhood of Beirut.

Peter Currie (American, 1985) studied art history at Columbia University in New York. He has contributed to a number of art publications as a writer, and has worked at contemporary art galleries in New York and Beirut.

Rachel Hines is an interdisciplinary artist working with themes revolving around absence, community, and intimacy. The work takes shape in performances, actions, objects, paintings and drawings. Ms. Hines studied at Pratt Institute, NY where she received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art with an emphasis in Art and Design Education. While at Oregon State University she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting with a minor in Art History. Hines has shown extensively throughout the U.S. including recent exhibitions at Electric Celluloid Film Festival, MI, NutureArt, NY and the Patchogue Biennial, NY. Hines is currently the Assistant Professor of Painting and Drawing at the American University of Beirut,