29 MAY – 19 JUNE 2010

Calligraphy: Alya Karame

Drawing: Jana Traboulsi, Hatem Imam, Omar Khouri
Site specific interventions (wall painting): Setareh Shahbazi

During a one month period, workshop leaders and participants met every Saturday at 98weeks to develop a work based on a single image. The workshop's idea was to depart from a common image and interpret through different exercises involving abstraction, scale, perspective etc.

Starting point: An image that Alya Karame had taken from her balcony in Tripoli.

PHASE 1: Setting Up the Space

Day 1: Each participant sets up his/her own working station

Phase 2: Exercises

Jana's absraction

Intervening of each others exercises

Setareh's abstraction

Phase 3: Back to white and developing elements from the research process...


98WEEKS announces the first workshops related to its research theme Through Media…, a research on and through different artistic media. 3 simultaneous workshops exploring the practice of drawing, calligraphy and site specific interventions, will take place at 98WEEKS Project Space during the month of June.
As a starting point for the workshop and as a way to create a thread between the 3 media, the workshop leaders will select a single image that the participant will depart from and translate trough the different techniques.
The working process will be structured around a series of exercises and around the creation of common spatial narrative, using 98weeks' walls and architecture. 98weeks project space will transform into an art studio where participants and workshop leaders are invited to create a dialogue based on a process of translation, from one medium to another.

As one of 98weeks research themes, Through Media… focuses on the role and importance of different media such as drawing, painting and calligraphy in artistic practices. By stressing the importance of material and formal components, the particularity of each media and what it allows for, Through Media… wants to think the history of media in art practices-focusing on the Lebanese context-and the place they occupy in contemporary practices and discourses.
Trough Media… will be explored through a series of media based workshops and talks. Workshops will be carried in 98weeks Project Space, which will become a site for experimentation.

If you are interested in participating to the workshop Through media..., please send
your CV and portfolio to the following email addresses;
Partcipation fee: 50.000 l.l. /