This 3‐day workshop led by Alia(17-19 Dec.2010) Hamdan offered an interdisciplinary space to explore movement, not as in physical or dance training, but in its relation to language; how can language be a tool to generate movement? How do we understand, perform and create physical movements departing from spoken or written language? How do we read, decode, and incorporate into language experiences based on movement?
Through a series of exercises and tasks, the workshop will explore the existing gap between doing and knowing: if we suppose that everyone knows the meaning of the verbs to fall, to accelerate or to wonder, and can make use of them in text or speech, to what extent are we familiar with the experience of falling, accelerating and wondering?

Workshop participants
Maya El Khoury, Bassem Mansour, Giacomo Galeno, Daniel Balabane, Mounira el Solh, Mirene Arsanios

Moving Through a Body‐Mind, is part of 98weeks’ program WORDS/ACTION, which looks at the relation between writing and performance through different approaches and disciplines.