Sunday Night Community Acupuncture Sessions

Starting January 15, and every Sunday starting at 7pm

With Sarah Farahat

You will be treated by Sarah Farahat: a certified acupuncture detoxification specialist. She is trained in the NADA (North American Detox Association) Five Point Protocol. She has been practicing the treatment since 2009 and has worked with a variety of people to treat post-traumatic stress and various substance addictions. The treatment also has positive effects on anxiety, insomnia, cravings, detoxification, and withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and psychiatric medications. The points are also excellent for general wellness and improving overall health, including migraine headaches, allergies and other issues. Generally there are no side effects, and anyone with any health condition can safely receive this treatment.

The suggested cost for the session is 5- 20 $. If you wish to attend an Acupuncture Session please send a text message to 76806647 by 6 pm, bring a light blanket and a small pillow for your back and remember to eat at least a light snack before coming.