'Searching for Hassan', 61 min, 2011
Directed by Edouard Beau
Arabic with French Subtitles

January 11, 7pm

“November 2007. I have been asked to go and film a Kurdish battalion of the Iraqi army. This battalion is located in Mossoul. I have 48 hours to make a decision. I decide to go. There, a friend gives me his old Hi8 camera with ten tapes. I am a photographer. I have never filmed anything. I have never seen war. For a whole month, I remain close to these soldiers and I film their everyday life, in spite of everything. Long waits, times out, endless wanderings through the city, looking for untraceable terrorists.” The film will be introduced by Serge Abiaad.

Edouard Beau practices a "vagabond photography" that cultivates the taste of story telling, human adventure and political expedition. Taking the "Kurdish paths", he gives us different visions of Northern Iraq, torn apart with social, political, and religious or ethnic conflicts. Edouard Beau went from Sangatte (2002) to Mossoul (2007) and approached besieged cities to understand the mechanisms of exile and the reasons behind a certain sort of immigration.

Serge Abiaad is a film professor at the University of Montreal and a film critic for 24 Images.