"The poetics of scrap"
Presentation by Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Buikema

at 98weeks project space
MAY, 2, 2012
6.30 PM

In this lecture I will explore the ways in which the materiality of an artefact may produce effects in the performance of content. I will especially demonstrate how South African artists nowadays respond to the stories revealed in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1997), and point to the fact that a lot of South-African artists are using scrap materials in order to shape their comments on the divided past. While doing so, I will elaborate on my thesis that the political effect of the arts is intrinsically intertwined with the way in which the materiality of the artefact is deployed.

Rosemarie Buikema is professor of Art, Culture and Diversity at Utrecht University (Utrecht, the Netherlands). She chairs the UU Graduate Gender programme and is the scientific director of the Netherlands Research school of Women’s Studies. She has widely published in the field of feminist and postcolonial theory, especially on the topic of political transitions and the arts. Her latest co-edited publications are Doing Gender in Media Art and Culture (Routledge 2009, with I. Van der Tuin) and Theories and Methodologies in Feminist Research (Routledge 2011, with G.Griffin and N. Lykke). See also www.genderstudies.nl and www.graduategenderstudies.nl