Female Trouble and Cookie Mueller
Screening + Reading
Presented by Chloe Griffin

Wednesday May 9, 7pm
In English

"Cookie Mueller was a writer, a mother, an outlaw, an actress, a fashion designer, a go-go dancer, a witch-doctor, an art-hag, and above all, a goddess. Boy, do I miss that girl." -John Waters

Cookie Mueller was a first-wave John Waters actor, a notorious scene figure, a chronicler of the New York 80’s art scene and a counter-culture icon. Her short stories and other writings published in the rare editions of Hanuman Press, in the Native Agents series by Semiotext(e), and anthologized by Serpents Tail have been enshrined as cult classics of non-conformity. Her image continues to draw attention in Waters’ films, the No Wave films of Amos Poe and Eric Mitchell, and in the work of photographer Nan Goldin. Cookie died of AIDS in 1989.

The evening will include a screening of Female Trouble, a reading from Cookie's short stories and a presentation by Chloe Griffin of her research into the life of Cookie Mueller through interviews and dialogues.

Chloe Griffin is an artist based in Berlin presently living in Beirut. She has been working on a book project about Cookie Mueller since 2006.