"Are you talking to me?"
Presentation of the Bik Van der Pol Workshop

Thursday October 18, 2012; 6pm

After a week-long intensive workshop, Bik Van der Pol and participants will present their stories, maps and documentation of their experiences.

Participants traveled by taxis, talked with drivers, recorded their conversations, and returned with stories which will be disseminated by public radio. The space of 98weeks functioned as a hub where workshop participants listened and discussed their recordings while constructing of a large city map of the routes taken and speakers were invited to talk about public space, mapping and the forming of collective memory.

The taxi is regarded as social place, as carrier and interface of public voice, knowledge/history, often across generations. By choosing the taxi, the project also subtly touches upon two major urban management issues in present-day Beirut: lack of public space (spaces of collectivity) and transportation.