98 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks au soleil,
presentation by Jean-Michel Wicker
curated by Margarida Mendes

98WEEKS Research/Project Space
Friday November 23, 7:00pm

Jean-Michel Wicker (b. 1970, france / lives in Berlin) is founder and editor of the publishing houses Le Edizioni Della Luna (Nice, 2006-2008),Le Edizioni Della China Papers Archive Berlin (2009-2010), and the Ballabella papers (2011 – ongoing). Upon an invitation by curator Margarida Mendes, Jean-Michel Wicker will introduce his work for the first time in Beirut to the 98WEEKS audience, in the format of an oral presentation which will drift around main topics of his various practices, such as :
the tactics of un-learning
situationism and sensuous knowledge
current futurisms
homoerotics or –delics (ars homo erotica / kinks)
DIY aesthetics,
like gardening, walking-swimming-stretching, ice-cream making
anal hair extensions (with conditioners).

Jean-Michel Wicker and Margarida Mendes met in Lisbon in 2010 at The Barber Shop, space that Margarida runs since 2009. On the occasion of this presentation, a new xeroxed map titled Anti-plan hallucinogénique vu de la lune, will be launched, co-produced by 98Weeks Beirut and APNews Zürich. JMW work has been recently shown at Motto Berlin, Kunsthalle Bern, Kunsthalle Zürich, KW Berlin, New Jerseyy Basel, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen and Donlon Books London.