Yes we do, we believe in mirages.
Series of live readings selected by Jacopo Miliani through 5 rooms, 2 big terraces, 2 small terraces and 98weeks
Thursday, December 6, 2012, 7pm

The artist Jacopo Miliani will present an experimental project in the space of 98weeks and ad
jacent apartments. The event is part of the 5-day project  Quantum Fluctuations in a Synecdochic Universe organized by OuUnPo in Beirut and curated by Sara Giannini and Fatos √ústek.

“In a mapped configuration of time-space, OuUnPo lands at a temporary shift in the magnitudes of entropy and gravity. It is one in a multitude and finds itself when the unknown starts. It is a twofold encounter, one contemporary with its participants, the other with an inhabitant of age, which you would call a distant future. What happens is only possible to seize in its aftermath. Recurrence of places is a possibility yet there will be no repetition. Guided by the uncertainty principle the encounters will unfold as moderate conditions are at hand."
-Sara Giannini & Fatos √ústek.

OuUnPo is a European research network made up of artists, curators and researchers. Together they travel to different cities and investigate a given problem in dialogue with local creators, museums, art organizations, research centers, residency programs, and informal groups. With the enactment of Quantum Fluctuations in a Synechdochic Universe  in Beirut, OuUnPo launches a 2-year itinerant research project on “Catastrophe & Heritage”. OuUnPonians and local participants will investigate how a catastrophe and a situation of crises embrace potentiality for creation, how architectural and cultural heritage  contains the seeds for future developments. The diverse and multiple interactions of these notions will be witnessed, experienced, supposed, analyzed, contemplated, performed, discussed, contested, negated, emphasized in Tokyo (Spring 2013), Sweden (Fall 2013) and Sao Paulo (Spring 2014).

With the generous support of European Cultural Foundation