The Lebanese Confessional System and its Forms of Authoritarianism
Giacomo Galeno
Wednesday December 5, 2012; 7pm
Language: French

The talk begins with a brief explanation of how the confessional system works and will explore the notion of authoritarianism that proceeds the concept of democracy and of "Electoral Gap" of the Arab countries.   Galeno will examine different points of the Lebanese confessional system including the absence of a law that regulates the personal status, the famous question of civil marriage; and the debate about the electoral law and the perpetuation of the political class, family dynasties in power, the parties and their electoral feuds that allow them this domination.

Giacomo Galeno received his Masters in International Relations with his thesis titled "The arab spring in Lebanon: the anti-sectarian movement of 2011" from Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia - Italia