My hands in your sneakers
Jean-Charles de Quillacq
Thursday, February 7; 8pm
Language: English

Jean-Charles de Quillacq will present his work which is mainly based on self-imitation. "I repeat my shapes and I create “families” of objects that become even more elementary and self-referential with each of their materializations. I avoid establishing any hierarchy between them or strive for a logic to point at their improvement. These different versions mutually coexist and do not invalidate each other. Each one exists as alternative ways of being. They are in opposition to a world I find based on hierarchical order and in which the identities of people have been defined. Through repetition and self-imitation I can also resist the passing of time and contradict the idea of evolution. I renounce the progressiveness of time that carries me to adulthood and places me in the society with an almost finalized role. A primitive and immature state of mind is able to welcome alternative imaginations of subjectivity in life."

In 2010/2011, Quillacq took part in the Rijksakademie residency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and he is currently living in Zürich. He has shown his work in galleries throughout Europe.  www.jeancharlesdequillacq.com