All the Other Lovers
Curated by  Lara Khaldi and Yazan Khalili
Saturday, February 9; 8pm

The lecture performance and screening is a conversation between two lovers who are looking for a land to meet, but borders exhaust possibilities. Through images, letters, and other literature Lara and Yazan will be weaving together their personal histories with that of the United Arab Republic, Pan Arabism, love and marriage.

Basma Alsharif, The Story of Milk and Honey, 9min, 2011. It is a short experimental video belonging to a larger project, which includes photographs, drawings and text, detailing an un-named individual’s failure to write a love story.

Monira Al Qadiri, Oh torment (Wa Wailah), 10 min, 2008. A series of repetitive choreographies are set to Abdul Wahab Al Rashid’s woeful folk
song of love and lament. Complete with over the top costumes, props and make-up, Wa Wailah is lodged somewhere between a Shakespearean play and an MTV music video.

Jumana Emil Abboud, The Diver, 4 min, 2004. The Diver is a video narrative that tells the story of a Diver whose gender, name, and nationality are ambiguous, and who is on an endless search to find ‘Heart’.

Alaa Abu Asad, untitled: extracts from ‘Harem’ 1984, 12min, 2012. Untitled is a video that is extracted from a porn film ‘Harem’ that was made in the eighties exposing the stories framing the porn scenes; a french man roaming the streets of Casablanca is looking for a fast fix of exotic love.