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On the Poetics and Politics of Language
A collaboration between 98weeks, Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Nora Razian in the framework of Home Works 6
May 18-22, 2013 

Our Lines Are Now Open is a series of interventions that aims to look at reading and writing in its different forms, using radio as a means of exploring the poetics and politics of language. The series will be launched during Home Works 6, lasting four days in an abandoned storefront facing 98weeks Project Space. The program in this temporary radio production house looks at the tension between silence and speech and explores questions such as:

What happens to language when violence provokes the act of speaking? When nation building silences a language or creates a new one? How does language shape our relationship to the future? How can we think gender through literature? How can words be smuggled, banned and recreated?

Each day will see live audience participation through a studio visits and phone-ins. As well as being able to listen online and participate live, each of our events will also be produced as short 15 minutes radio programs edited by Rayya Badran and Lawrence Abu Hamdan and broadcasted through Ziad Nawfal’s “Ruptures” show on radio Lebanon 96.2 FM

May 18;  Midnight; Reading the diaries of others - Rayyane Tabet 
A reading of a text constructed from the diaries and notes of known figures that use the first person to narrate their quotidian. The reconstructed text becomes a re-appropriation of different “I”s that melt into a singular voice.

Entire Broadcast coming soon...

May 20; 17:00 – 19:00:  On the Politics of Silence and Speaking 
A live conversation moderated by Sidsel Nelund with Nikita Dhawan and reading group participants on the idea of silence and speaking and how they have been used as strategies by feminists. Reading group beforehand will be live broadcasted and with an open studio audience. This is the first installment in a series of reading groups and public programs titled “on feminism” by 98weeks project space. 

To listen to the entire broadcast of "On Politics of Silence and Speaking" please click here

May 21; 17:00-19:00:  How to be in the future - Nora Razian 
Panel Discussion with Tarek El-Ariss (Moderator), Yazan Al Saadi, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Sophia Al Maria, Ahmed Naje. The panel discussion explores constructions of the future, the politics of imagination and the poetics of projection. The discussion will be preceded by readings of science fiction novels by Nihad Sharif, Mahmoud Mustafa and Youssef Izzedeen Issa among others. These will be read and broadcast live at 98weeks starting from 16.00.

To Listen to the entire broadcast of "How To Be in the Future" please click here
May 21; 22:00-23:00, May 22, 22:00-23:00, and May 23; 7:00-8:00:  After the Future: Heritage Redux
 A guided tour with Ghalya Saadawi through downtown Beirut. (booking required, please call +961 70 841580)

May 22; 17:00 – 19:30:  SpeakWriteRadio - Lawrence Abu Hamdan 
Open Studio, Readings and Publication Launch.  Airwaves will be dedicated to broadcasting banned material and smuggled literature in combination with voice recognition dictation software to create a publication out of all the combined readings, phone-ins and audience participation from 3-5pm.

Entire broadcast coming soon...

This project is produced with the support of Ashkal Alwan