Artist Talk by Kara Lynch
Saturday February 1; 7pm

Conceived by artist Kara Lynch, “saved” is an outdoor sound installation-performance that marks the 100th anniversary of the lynching of Laura Nelson and her fourteen-year old son, L.W. Nelson at the Old Schoolton Bridge in Okemah, Oklahoma. “saved” will be a living, embodied memorial to Laura and L.W. Nelson that engages a collective public. We will stage sound installation-performances with live local choirs on a series of steel bridges across the United States. The people gathering at these bridges create a memorial and a series of postcards will constitute the piece’s documentation.  Lynch will be discussing the first installation/performance that was presented in September 2013 in Harlem River Park.

Kara Lynch is a time-based artist living in Brooklyn, NY and member of Interdiciplinario La L├Čnea, a feminist artist collective based at the US/Mexico borderlandia. She has published in XCP Streetnotes, Ulbandus Review, BFM, contributed audio to Cabinet Magazine, video to PocketMyths, and drawings/writings to the Encyclopedia Project v.II F-K. Lynch completed her MFA in Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego. She earns a living as an Associate Professor of Video and Critical Studies at Hampshire College and is a current research fellow in the African and African Diaspora Studies Department at the University of Texas, Austin. Major projects include: 'Black Russians' - a feature documentary video (2001); ‘The Outing’ - a video travelogue (1998-2002); and ‘Mouhawala Oula’ - a gender-bending trio performance for oriental dance, live video, and saxophone (2010). Her current project 'Invisible’, an episodic, multi-site video/audio installation (2003-present), excavates the terror and resilient beauty of the Black experience.