Transversal Dictionary

Talk by Pelin Tan
Monday January 13; 6pm

 Souzy Tros, 2012, Athens.

Spatial practices in conflicted urban spaces instigated society to invent a new collective dictionary not only for the constrained environment of the recent socio-political and economic crisis, but also to rebuild a collective consciousness that can refer to our communal co-existence. In this context, it is urgent that curatorial practices need to be altered from their institutional structure with certain representation formats. The production of curatorial formats is not only about searching for representation, which is somewhere in the imagination of the horizon, but also is about transversing practices and knowledge production according our collective everyday life actions.

Pelin Tan is based in Mardin/Istanbul, an Assistant Prof. at Architecture Faculty of Artuklu Univ. She completed her postdoc on "artistic  research" at MIT /ACT program under Prof. Ute Meta Bauer, and was The Japan Foundation fellow researching on artists/activists collectives in urban space of Japan (2012). She curated “Luggage from another climate on urbanism and migration” in Rotterdam (WittedeWith&TENT 2004), Adhocracy - Associate Curator of Adhocracy, I.Istanbul Design Biennial (2012), Short Gaze Long Gaze - Knut Asdam - Solo Exh. (DEPO, 2011), Cevdet Erek – Solo Exhibition, 300m3 Art Space G√∂teborg (2009), Innocent Act, StudyoKAHEM, architectural research project, 10th Int. Istanbul Art Biennial, 2007. She will be curating about art&activism at 0047 (Oslo, 2014). Forthcoming books: Ethics of Locality: Urban Commons (drp-barcelona), Unconditional Hospitality - Threshold Architecture (drp-barcelona).