Opening of Triangles at 98weeks

Masrah Ensemble presents a theatre festival-in-progress across Amharic, Arabic, and English.
Saturday, March 29: 1:30-3pm

Triangles is a festival-in-progress that translates, workshops, and reimagines three plays through a series of residencies and public encounters in Beirut and New York and an array of collaborations with groups and artists in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, the United States, and beyond. Supported by Hivos and other partners, the project seeks to cultivate a new dynamic between artists and audiences and to invite them to participate and play a central role in playwriting, translation, and performance development. Works- and translations-in-progress include plays by resident writers alongside Yekermo Sew (Tomorrow’s Man) by Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin (1936-2006). The opening of Triangles culminates Masrah Ensemble's two-week residency at 98weeks.