Montage In Writing: Writing Workshop

In the framework of 
HWP 2013-14 | Chapter Four +
98Research: Feminisms
April 11, 19, 23 + May 2
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Montage in film consists of an assemblage of separate filmed sections, which form a whole, no matter how fragmented. Sections are selected, pasted together, cut, deleted, and assembled. When working on montage, rhythm, sequence and visual resonances are considered, but the politics of montage resides in the way relationships between images are created. Hito Steyerl reflection’s on montage, underlines the politics of editing and assembling images as a way of developing a “grammar of the political”. To reflect on the latter, 98weeks proposes a writing workshop that will tap into its current research, Feminisms. We will look at montage in writing as a technique to express a female or feminist subjectivity, and look at what grammar—using conjunctions, syntax, and punctuation— writers have used in order to reorganize the relations between subject and object, politics and rhetoric.

The workshop’s starting point will be Steyerl’s text, The Articulation of Protest. Participants will be asked to produce material responding to the text, paying particular to the effects of conjunctions such as “and”, and, or, “or”. The workshop will look at different writing techniques related to “montage” in the work of authors such as Kathy Acker. The outcome will be a collaborative text collating materials gathered by the participants. Throughout the workshop, the writing process—from note taking to copy editing to the final stage of publication—will be reflected upon as a form of production.

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