The Making of De Sokkel #5

Film by Ilaria Lupo, 2013, Antwerp; 62'
Tuesday May 6, 20148pm

Private Colloquies on a Public Sculpture was produced in the frame of De Sokkel #5, a temporary art project for an empty 19th century plinth in the Central Park of Antwerp. Lupo involved the Indian Community, settled in the area because of the diamonds’ trade.
The Making of De Sokkel #5 narrates the adventurous story of the project, surrounded by intense debates concerning the specific context, the nature of monuments, cultural identity, collective representations and artistic freedom in the public space.

Along with the screening, the artist book Private Colloquies on a Public Sculpture will be presented 
Ilaria Lupo is a Beirut-based visual artist, whose public space practice includes different media, such as performance, installations, publications. Lupo's work aims to put into question official narratives and social boundaries. In her research the space itself becomes the actual material of work, considered as an organic platform, where the energetic interactions play a major role, and influence the work as they can be influenced by it. 

The project was supported by The Middelheim Museum and AIR Antwerpen.