Recognizing the Invisible Monument

Talk with Fadi Shayya and Fouad Asfour
NEW DATE: Wednesday May 21, 2014; 8pm

An informal discussion with Fadi Shayya (at 98weeks) and Fouad Asfour (via skype) about public space, urbanism and the politics of memorilization in Beirut. Building on the research advocacy project to re-open Beirut’s Horsh Park since 2005, Shayya and Asfour will talk about the proposed pedestrian/bicycle link, called the “Soft Connection,” designed to connect the park to the Downtown. Ironically, the three spaces –park, downtown and soft connection– are superimposed on the civil war’s Green Line, the violent divide of East and West Beirut.

Fadi Shayya is a design strategist and urbanist, editor of At the Edge of the City.

Fouad Asfour is a linguist, working as editor and writer in Johannesburg and Vienna.