Gender Talents

Gender Talents —, 2014 | | courtesy of the artist

Talk by Carlos Motta
Monday July 14, 2014; 8pm

GENDER TALENTS is an archive of documentary video portraits and a platform for events that engages discourses and movements for gender self-determination within trans and intersex communities.

GENDER TALENTS presents portraits of trans and intersex activists who thoughtfully perform gender as a personal, social, and political opportunity rather than as a social condemnation. Based on interviews conducted in Colombia, Guatemala,India and the United States the project seeks to expose the ways that international activists challenge the bio-cultural “foundations” of society and question gender norms from the perspective of sexuality, class, race, ethnicity, and disability.

GENDER TALENTS documents the ways in which society conditions and regulates bodies and how gender activists build politics of resistance and action. From traditional Joggapa communities in India, to sex workers in Colombia and Guatemala, to intersex activists in the United States, these individuals and communities fight for state recognition, the right to self-determine their identities, self-govern their bodies, access to work, health benefits, and other pressing issues.

Carlos Motta is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work draws upon political history in an attempt to create counter narratives that recognize suppressed histories, communities, and identities.

This event is produced with the support of Ashkal Alwan, as part of "Manufacturing or Rights" collective inquiry.