Workshop with Pelin Tan & Brian Kuan Wood
July 23 & 24, 2014

Work/Labor conditions have over the past few years become one of the main discussions in the field of contemporary art. In many ways, this is absolutely comical as contemporary art finds itself to be the site of some of the most advanced forms of labor extraction and value inflation on the planet. Furthermore, the arguments we come across still tend to lean on the conceptual division between material labor and cognitive labor, on the institutionalization of labor in art and the fundamental precariousness of artistic labor, when in fact one of contemporary art’s greatest structural achievements has been its conflation and confusion of these very categories. The literature of Marxism and post-autonomia literature no longer fully connects to what is happening to artistic production, and to artists themselves.

Today, the profound ambiguity in how vital energies and productive forces are distributed throughout the lives and communities of people working in contemporary art poses a severe challenge to clarify how it actually works. How do we proceed to a methodology based in concrete cases and artistic production that can lead us to better analyze the heterogeneous economy of art work and labor in art?

The three day workshop “Method/Assemblage/Work/Labor/Love" with 98weeks, Brian Kuan Wood, Pelin Tan, (LaborinContemporaryArt) is open to anyone is interested to work on mapping economies within the case study of 98weeks.

Wednesday July 23; 5pm (for registered participants)
Introduction +
Love as Labor / Brian Kuan Wood

Thursday July 24; 2-6pm (for registered participants)
What is method assemblage of research of labor in
contemporary art? /  Pelin Tan (

Case study on in-situ mapping analysis on the heterogenous
economy of 98weeks. Pelin Tan & Brian Kuan Wood

Thursday July 24; 7pm (open to the public)

Pelin Tan is a researcher in the project Like a Rolling Stone: Labor in Contemporary Art (2012­­–2015), which surveys working conditions in art. She is a member of the video collectives Artikİşler and videoccupy, and with Anton Vidokle she codirected 2084, the first in a series of video episodes on the future history of art/artists. Based in Mardin, Tan is Associate Prof. and vice-dean of Architecture Faculty of Mardin Artuklu University. Author of forthcoming book: ARAZİ/TERRITORY (Critical Spatial Practices, Edt.MM&NH, Sternberg Press, 2015)

Brian Kuan Wood is a writer based in New York. With Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle he is editor of e-flux journal.