The End of Rent Control in Lebanon

The End of Rent Control in Lebanon: A New Piece in the Puzzle of Property-Led Urban Redevelopment?
Talk by Bruno Marot

Thursday July 31, 2014; 8pm

After decades of a fierce battle raging between landlords and tenants, the Lebanese Parliament voted on the April 1, 2014 for the termination of the ‘old rents’ system. The reform, currently embroiled in a juridical and institutional maze, is very telling about the politics of pro-growth city-building in Beirut. Based on current research, the presentation will provide an overview of the new law and discuss its various objectives and limitations, as well as its potential consequences and alternatives.
Bruno Marot is a PhD candidate in urban planning, policy, and design at McGill University. He is also a graduate research fellow at the Institut Fran├žais du Proche Orient (IFPO), and at Sciences Po Paris. His research investigates the political economy of urban transformations in Eastern Mediterranean cities by looking at the way property-led restructuring is governed in Beirut and Istanbul.