98weeks Research Project is seeking a part-time Communication and Administration Assistant. The assistant will be working closely in a tight knit team and should be a self-starter and dedicated team player. DEADLINE JANUARY 5.  For more information click HERE

Feminisms Reading Group: Session III
Weekly on Saturdays 6-8pm
98weeks@ Marra.tein

98weeks is continuing the Feminisms reading group's third session. The first two sessions were respectively dedicated to experimental women literature, and Arab and Islamic Feminism. The third session will address the relationship between the body, post-humanism, science-fiction, and the law. 

Looking at texts such as: Rosi Braidotti- "Post-Human," Ursula Le Guin - "The Dispossessed,"  Beatriz Preciado - "Testo Junkie."

Please contact us if you wish to attend the coming sessions  and for access to the dropbox for the readings.

Hosted by Marra.tein
Yousef Jbeli st. Gorgonian building, 5th floor, Face of Azar market, Bayt Kata'ib Remil, Mustashfa Rum, Ashrafieh
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