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Archive 2009-2010

DATE: 29 December 2010

Curator Lina Dzuverovic presents the work of the London-based arts agency Electra and introduced 'Her Noise - The Making Of', a 60-minute documentary about the development of one of Electra's key project on avant-garde female artists working with sound.


DATE: 17-19 December 2010
LOCATION: 98WEEKS Project Space

This three‐day workshop led by Alia Hamdan offers an interdisciplinary space to explore movement, not as in physical or dance training, but in its relation to language; how can language be a tool to generate movement? How do we understand, perform and create physical movements departing from spoken or written language? How do we read, decode, and incorporate into language experiences based on movement? Through a series of exercises and tasks, the workshop will explore the existing gap between doing and knowing: if we suppose that everyone knows the meaning of the verbs to fall, to accelerate or to wonder, and can make use of them in text or speech, to what extent are we familiar with the experience of falling, accelerating and wondering?

Workshop participants
Maya El Khoury, Bassem Mansour, Giacomo Galeno, Daniel Balabane, Mounira el Solh, Mirene Arsanios

Moving Through a Body‐Mind, is part of 98WEEKS’ program WORDS/ACTION, which looks at the relation between writing and performance through different approaches and disciplines.

Part 1: United Red Army (a work in progress)
Naeem Mohaiemen, 67 minutes, 2011
DATE: 25 NOVEMBER 2011; 6 pm
LOCATION: 98WEEKS Project Space.
* The film will be followed by a conversation with the artist.

On September 28th 1977, JAL 472 lands in Dhaka. Later, the lead negotiator explains that they had to allow the landing, because the pilot said he was running out of fuel. The film pivots off the audio transcripts of negotiations over the next five days. Shumon Bashar wrote in Tank: “the crackly voices of these two strangers hurled into a forced, awkward intimacy… the tone with which they started their discussion was peculiarly polite, until the accord between ransom and reason reached breaking point.” The film is part of a long-form research project since 2006, which looks at the 1970s ultra-left.

Naeem Mohaiemen works in Dhaka and New York, using essays, photography, and film to explore histories of the global left and utopia projects. His work has shown at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Experimenter Kolkata, New Museum (New York), Frieze (London), Sharjah Biennial, MUAC (Mexico City), and Whitney Biennial of American Art (as member of Visible Collective). He is editor of Chittagong Hill Tracts in the Blind Spot of Bangladesh Nationalism (Drishtipat Writers Collective) and co-editor of System Error: War is a force that gives us meaning (w/ Lorenzo Fusi, Silvana). His essays include “Islamic Roots of Hip-Hop” (Sound Unbound, MIT Press), “Flying Blind: waiting for a real reckoning on 1971” (EPW, India), “Beirut, Silver Porsche Illusion” (Men of the Global South, Zed Books), “Asterix and the Big Fight” (Apex Art Journal) and “Mujtaba Ali: Amphibian Man” (Rest of Now, Manifesta Biennial). [shobak.org]

BAZAAR and Exchange Point
DATE: 16020 November 2010

For this event, 98WEEKS Project Space transforms into exchange point and bazaar. Come trade your own used items and browse merchandise made by local talents. Starting Wednesday 24 November at 3pm, stop by the Project Space and drop off your own designs for sale and/or things you’d like to exchange. We will organise and label everything in preparation for the market starting Saturday 27 November at 12 noon.

Used books, clothes, toys, music, DVDs, bags, kitchenware… anything you no longer need or that you simply grew out of or got tired of may be someone else’s dream. This is an opportunity to exchange your used items for the things you actually like. Join us!

Video Screening Curated by Kati Kivenen
DATE: 12 November 2010

98Videos presents ”Twists and a Few Victories”, a program curated by Kati Kivinen, curator at AV-arkki in Helsinki, Finland. This compilation features work by six young Finnish artists and is AV-arkki’s touring program for 2010. The works could be described as depictions of twisted everyday situations with an at times distorted sense of humour. The screening is open for all and free of charge.


98TALK With Lukas Einsele
DATE: 11 November 2010

Artist Lukas Einsele presents his project, ”The many moments of an M85 – Zenon’s arrow retraced”, an ongoing research on the use of M85, a ground-launched bomblet, widely used by the Israeli army during the 2006 war in Lebanon. The project documents the economy, trajectories, and multiples impacts of the bomb - humanitarian, territorial, social - by threading different narratives and personal accounts related to impacts of M85s.

98TALK With Lara Almarcegui
DATE: 6 November 2010

Lara Almarcegui presents her current research and upcoming project in Beirut. Curated by the Swiss group Attitudes, Lara is embarking on a mapping of ruins in the city of Beirut.

Canedo, 2010 and Goitik behera, Behetik gora 2012
by weareQQ
Presented by Rivet
DATE: 26 October and 2 November 2012; 7 pm

The Barcelona-based duo weareQQ (Usué Arrieta and Vicente Vázquez) present two of their recent filmworks, Canedo (2010) and Goitik behera, Behetik gora (2012). These films focus on communal and affective production in specific and ephemeral communities in the Spanish countryside while hyper-aware of the processes and vectors prevalent in filmmaking itself. Technology permitting, the second screening will also feature a conversation with the filmmakers and curators.

Rivet (Sarah Demeuse and Manuela Moscoso) is a Brooklyn-based curatorial office developing long-term collaborations with artists. They currently engage with object-oriented thinking.

For more info on WEAREQQ: http://hangar.org/es/artistes-residents/weareqq/
For more info on Rivet www.rivet-rivet.net

98TALK With Lawrence Abu Hamdan
DATE: 18 October 2010

As part of the group that inhabit and run 113 Dalston Lane in London, a hub of self organized (DIY) musical and art practice releasing records, publications, organizing events, artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan presents Dalston Lane's at 98WEEKS and discusses the way the collective operates as a self-organized initiative.


98TALK With Emma Smith from Delta Arts RESIDENCY
DATE: 15 October 2010

Residency artist at 98weeks project space Emma Smith will present recent work followed by a Q&A session.

Emma Smith is an artist based in London. She has a site-specific, participatory and events-based practice that explores the art of everyday life, investigating human engagement with space and in particular the psychological impact of space on human understanding and behaviour.

For more information please see:

Art Services: Cultural Production & Public Us
Workshop in Collaboration With Delta Arts
DATE: 1-3 October 2010

A three-days workshop organized by Delta Arts on self-organization; how is practice valued and how can practitioners contribute to useful production and change? The workshop included sessions led by Delta Arts and 98WEEKS on mapping and understanding cultural infrastructures, developing not-for-profit collaborations and the relationship of usefulness to art labour.

Emma Smith is an artist based in London, UK. Since graduating from Goldsmiths in Fine Art and Art History, in 2003, she has been working internationally, including a Triangle Trust Fellowship in Mauritius, 2009, and work with the British Council in China and India, 2009. Emma is Co-Director of Delta Arts; a not-for-profit art collaboration supporting research, pedagogy and practice through mobility and exchange, for which she was recently awarded a Special Commendation by the British Council.

DATE: 30 September 2010

For this first session, Mohamad Allam, a young artist based in Cairo and part of the Medrar collective, will select and present a series of videos from the Cairo Video Festival with films by Mahmoud Hallwy, Asmaa and Hind El kolaly, Shereen Lotfey, Hosam Elsawah, Ahmed El Shaer, Yara Mekawei.

Mohamad Allam is a video artist, presently in residency with Ashkal Alwan. The presentation will be held in Arabic.

DATE: 24 September 2010
LOCATION: Zico House

The radius of art is a residency program developed around the concept of “art-based research". 6 partners organizations based in different cities- Kiel, Lisbon, Belfast, Beirut, Istanbul and Ramallah- all collaborate for the establishment of a exchanged network between these different cities. The residency is based on two stages, a research stage and a production stage. As Beirut partners, 98WEEKS hosted artist Lasse Lau who will organize a workshop on queer geography (March 2011), and has organized a meeting amongst all the partners and participating artists. On this occasion, 98WEEKS curated a panel on artistic research, inviting Walid Sadek, Zeina Maasri, Nayla Tamraz and Yasmine Taan to discuss the topic in their individual practice but also through their educational role in different universities in Lebanon.

For more information on RADIUS OF ART: http://www.radius-of-art.de/

DATE: 24-27 JUNE 2010

Goings On
A meeting of international independent art spaces taking place in Beirut

Public presentations at 98WEEKS Project Space:
Friday June 25 at 6 pm: ”Space makers Beirut” Cesar Nammour (Recto Verso Library) Christine Tohme (Ashkal Alwan) and Jadmur collective (Ghassan Maasri and Mansour Aziz)

Sunday June 27 at 3 pm: ”Space as Support” Pikene på Broen (Norway), Kultivator (Sweden), rum46 (Denmark), El Hervidero (Spain), All Art Now, (Syria), Samandal (Lebanon), Interruptions (Jordan), Medrar (Egypt), Cura Bodrum residency (Turkey)

Music performance and drinks All welcome!

For more info:

DATE: 29 MAY- 19 JUNE 2010

Calligraphy: Alya Karame
Drawing: Jana Traboulsi, Hatem Imam, Omar Khouri
Site specific interventions (wall painting): Setareh Shahbazi

During a one-month period, workshop leaders and participants met every Saturday at 98WEEKS to develop a work based on a single image. The workshop's idea was to depart from a common image and interpret through different exercises involving abstraction, scale, perspective etc. Starting point: An image that Alya Karame had taken from her balcony in Tripoli.

PHASE 1: Setting Up the Space

Day 1: Each participant sets up his/her own working station

PHASE 2: Exercises

Jana's absraction
Setareh's abstraction
Intervening of each others exercises

PHASE 3: Back to white and developing elements from the research process...

98WEEKS announces the first workshops related to its research theme Through Media…, a research on and through different artistic media. Three simultaneous workshops exploring the practice of drawing, calligraphy and site specific interventions, took place at 98WEEKS Project Space during the month of June. As a starting point for the workshop and as a way to create a thread between the three media, the workshop leaders select a single image that the participant departs from and translates through the different techniques. The working process is structured around a series of exercises and around the creation of common spatial narrative, using 98WEEKS' walls and architecture. 98WEEKS Project Space is transformed into an art studio where participants and workshop leaders are invited to create a dialogue based on a process of translation, from one medium to another.

Screening + Reading
Presented by Chloe Griffin
DATE: 9 MAY 2012; 7 pm
In English

"Cookie Mueller was a writer, a mother, an outlaw, an actress, a fashion designer, a go-go dancer, a witch-doctor, an art-hag, and above all, a goddess. Boy, do I miss that girl." -John Waters Cookie Mueller was a first-wave John Waters actor, a notorious scene figure, a chronicler of the New York 80’s art scene and a counter-culture icon. Her short stories and other writings published in the rare editions of Hanuman Press, in the Native Agents series by Semiotext(e), and anthologized by Serpents Tail have been enshrined as cult classics of non-conformity. Her image continues to draw attention in Waters’ films, the No Wave films of Amos Poe and Eric Mitchell, and in the work of photographer Nan Goldin. Cookie died of AIDS in 1989.

The evening included a screening of Female Trouble, a reading from Cookie's short stories and a presentation by Chloe Griffin of her research into the life of Cookie Mueller through interviews and dialogues.

Chloe Griffin is an artist based in Berlin presently living in Beirut. She has been working on a book project about Cookie Mueller since 2006.

98WEEKS Bazaar
No Soul For Sale, NSFL - Festival of Independents
DATE: May 2010

98WEEKS SOUK/BAZAAR at No Soul For Sale presented a series of artworks by artists working in Beirut, together with publications, objects and ephemera collected from second hand bookshops and flea markets. The objects on display were available for exchanged through barter in London, following the artists' conditions.

Artists participating in the 98WEEKS SOUK: Hatem Iman, Karine Wehbe, Alia Karame, Marwa Arsanios,Jana Traboulsi, Nathalie Harb, Hisham Awad,Ghassan Maasri, Konversation pieces, Siska, Franziska Pierwoss, 98WEEKS Bazaar, Alicjia Rogalska.

98WEEKS PRESENTATION: Alicjia Rogalska performed a conversation with Marwa and Mirene, presenting 98WEEKS activities in Beirut. The presentation was held on May 14 from 16:00 to 16:30 at the Main Stage or Auditorium.

For more info, visit:

DATE: 28 April 2010

Peter Currie and Colin Whitaker

DATE: 27 March 2010

"Arts Floraux"a project by Peter Currie and Colin Whitaker, will turn the 98WEEKS project space into a temporary conceptual flower shop. Imagining the flower shop as an in-between place (between the natural and the commercial, between public and domestic, between local and global, between the momentary, the seasonal, and the enduring, and between decoration and art) this project animates some curious ideas about the way flower shops, flowers, plants and shrubbery come into play around Beirut.

The city's architecture - from the French mandate-era balconies to the modular modernist terraces and newly built glass patios of corporate condos - nearly always presumes some greenery mediating between city and home. In Beirut, public parks and gardens are few and far between, but concrete high-rises spill over with terrace gardens and local flower shops stay open deep into the night.

In conjunction with “Arts Floraux”, artist Rachel Hines will perform “Wildflowers” – a drawing session that will culminate from a walk through the neighborhood in search for wild flowers. Participants will wander through the neighborhood with the artist, gathering flowers, and encountering the space through collaborative aesthetics.

The action will begin at 11 am on Saturday, April 2nd, initiating from 98WEEKS, meandering throughout the streets and returning back to the “Art Floraux” exhibition space. Here the participants will arrange and draw from the flowers assembled after the walk. All are welcome, but space is limited. Please email rachelahines@gmail.com if interested.

Colin Whitaker (American, 1980) is a filmmaker and artist currently working in Beirut. He studied film at New York University and has exhibited at the P.S. 1 Clocktower in New York, Evas Arche und der Feminist in New York, and at the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. He participated in the Fall 2009 workshop with 98WEEKS investigating the Mar Mikhail neighborhood of Beirut.

Peter Currie (American, 1985) studied art history at Columbia University in New York. He has contributed to a number of art publications as a writer, and has worked at contemporary art galleries in New York and Beirut.

Rachel Hines is an interdisciplinary artist working with themes revolving around absence, community, and intimacy. The work takes shape in performances, actions, objects, paintings and drawings. Ms. Hines studied at Pratt Institute, NY where she received her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art with an emphasis in Art and Design Education.

Curated by Marta Bogdanska and Magdalena Kepka

The Exhibition Fitting in Space presented works by young Polish artists. The exhibition is dedicated to the notion of space and contemporary artists‘ attempts and investigation into ways in which it can be conceptualized and methods of transferring different spaces into each other.
Artists: Agata Bogacka; Monika Drożyńska; Nicolas Grospierre; Alicja Karska & Aleksandra Went; Katarzyna Przezwańska; Paweł Sysiak

Fitting in Space is part of the broader project Fenix cities – art workshops and exhibitions in Warsaw and Beirut‘ consisting of two art workshops and exhibitions taking place respectively in Beirut and in Warsaw and involving Polish and Lebanese artists and cultural operators.

A three-days workshop organized by Delta Arts on self-organization; how is practice valued and how can practitioners contribute to useful production and change? The workshop will include sessions led by Delta Arts and 98WEEKS on mapping and understanding cultural infrastructures, developing not-for-profit collaborations and the relationship of usefulness to art labour.

Two Suns, 2012
Film by Anton Vidokle in collaboration with Hu Fang
DATE: 16 January 2010; 8 pm

22 minutes / HD Video, sound
Two Suns, a collaboration between artist Anton Vidokle and writer Hu Fang, is set in an abandoned house in the Taiwanese countryside, situated between a banana plantation and a highway. We watch the building slowly being clad by mirrors. In the process, the house gradually vanishes from sight, as it becomes a mirror, or rather, an image, of the surrounding environment. The Chinese-spoken sound­track is based on the text “A Col­lec­tion of Portraits” written by Hu Fang. The portrait as a genre is about creating an image; it is a mimetic mirror of a person, a self— and such a “self” is the very origin and vanishing point of any picture of the world, since the world must first be mirrored in our senses to appear.

Hence, the film’s image and sound construct a dialectic relation between “portrait” and “mirror-building,” “landscape” and “person/self,” at times schizophrenic, at other times exchanging figure and ground, passive and active, ultimately dissolving into each other along this divide. The English subtitles of the work, finally, form a third, overarching narrative told in the first person by Anton Vidokle. This narrative inscribes the work into the context of architectural modernism by telling the story of Vidokle’s visit to the iconic Schröder-House designed by Gerrit Rietveld for his lover in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The first house considered to be “modernist,” Rietveld’s abode had no mirrors in it—because the mirror, in the architect’s view, created a space that was beyond the control of the architect. The site where normally a “self” meets its image in every house is at the same time the blind spot of planning—a space that escapes human control.

DATE: August 2009
LOCATION: Hamburg, Germany


98WEEKS took part at the Subvision Festival in Hamburg. The festival invited artists-run spaces from all over the world to present their work. Each organization was allocated industrial containers. 98WEEKS presented project Words…Action!

The idea for Subvision was to work around the relation between words and what they are able to do, reducing the distance between the saying and the doing; how to think in action, or how to experience thoughts? Words…Action! wanted to explore the ellipsis between words and action through the creation of performative interventions exploring the gaps between action/knowledge production and the public sphere.

Working at these intersections, the artists invited at Subvision questioned the categories created through language, its modes of diffusions and circulation and the collective imaginary it creates through different strategies and approaches: Reenactment of a crime novel by Jan Oscar Sverre Lucien Henri Guillou, The Democratic Terrorist, taking place in Hamburg and involving the Red Army Faction (Katrine Dirckinck Holmfeld), the staging of a reader/writer relationship through a performance based magazine NOA, Not Only for Arabs, with an issue on the association of Journalist throughout the world during 2005-2006 (Mounira el Solh), outdoors graffiti and comic interventions (Siska and the Samandal Comic Magazine), the creation of posters through visual and literary fragments (Setareh Shahbazi) and the a lecture on a Lebanese action film How I started to stutter I; action(in)jection, by Vartan Avakian followed by the screening of the film.

The works proposed explore ways of regaining agency over meta-narratives and histories, appropriating a territory, reenacting private memories, using storytelling as a critical tool. They also contextualize with the framework of Subvision, and intervene in the public platform it creates within the time frame of the festival.

Katrine Dirckinck-Holmfeld (Denmark)
Munirah al-Solh (Lebanon)
Setareh Shabahzi (Iran)
Vartan Avakian, (Lebanon)
Siska (Lebanon)