Deadline: 20 April, 2015

The second issue of Makhzin will relate to the current research focus of 98weeks: Feminisms. That is, an inquiry into the political and artistic stances of feminism, spanning third wave, post-colonial, and post-humanist approaches. Influenced by a prolific history of feminist/queer literary experimentation, Makhzin seeks contributions in both English and Arabic. Whether prose or poetry, we welcome narratives addressing —obliquely or not—the economical, sexual, and racial powers subjecting our bodies.

Makhzin Issue 2 is edited by Daisy Atterbury, Tarek El-Ariss, and Mirene Arsanios. It will be launched online with a new website designed by Raoul Audouin and Karine Wehbe.

Makhzin stems from 98weeks’ research On Publications. It is dedicated to experiments in prose and poetry from the Middle East and beyond. Its first issue was edited by Omar Berrada, Lara Khaldi, Ghalya Saadawi, and Mirene Arsanios.

For more information, visit www.makhzin.org

Submissions can be in English and in Arabic, as well as multilingual texts. Text will remain in their original languages.
Prose: Maximum 2500 words
Poetry: Maximum 5 pages
Submissions should be sent to 98editions@gmail.com
Deadline: 20 April, 2015

دعوة مفتوحة للكتابة: "مخزن" عدد ٢
الموعد النهائي: ٢٠ نيسان/أبريل ٢٠١٥

سيتمحور العدد الثاني من مجلّة "مخزن " حول موضوع البحث الراهن لـ "٩٨ أسبوع " والذي يحمل عنوان "نسويّات ". هو بحث في المواقف السياسية والفنية للحركات النسوية التي تمتد إلى الموجة الثالثة، والمناهج ما بعد الاستعماريّة وما بعد الإنسانيّة . نظراً لتاريخ الحركات النسويّة الطويل في حقل التجريب الأدبي، تُنشد "مخزن " مساهمات في اللغتين العربيّة والإنجليزيّة . نثراً كانت أم شعراً . ترحّب المجلّة بالنصوص السرديّة التي تتناول - بأسلوب مباشر أو غير مباشر - القوى الاقتصاديّة، الجنسيّة، والعرقيّة التي تخضع لها أجسادنا.

سيقوم بتحرير العدد ٢ من "مخزن " كلّ من: ديزي أتربيري، طارق العريس، وميران أرسانيوس . كما سيتمّ إطلاق العدد على الانترنت عبر الموقع الجديد الذي صمّمه راؤول أودوان و كارين وهبي.

"مخزن " هي ثمرة بحث "٩٨ أسبوع " في المنشورات، وهي مكرّسة لنشر تجارب في النثر والشعر من منطقة الشرق الأوسط وخارجها.

شارك في تحرير العدد الأوّل : عمر برادة، لارا الخالدي، غالية السعداوي، وميران أرسانيوس. 

للمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة موقعنا الإلكتروني: www.makhzin.org

تقبل النصوص باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية، فضلا عن نصوص متعددة اللغات. النصوص المختارة ستنشر بلغاتها الأصلية.
النثر: الحد الأقصى ٢٥٠٠ كلمة
الشعر: الحد الأقصى ٥ صفحات
يرجى إرسال الطلبات إلى العنوان الالكتروني : 98editions@gmail.com
الموعد النهائي:٢٠ نيسان /أبريل ٢٠١٥


98editions Launch + Readings
Chaza Charafeddine, Christopher Pérez, Mirene Arsanios, Karine Wehbe, void.cut (Hisham Awad and Basia Lewandowska Cummings)
Friday April 19, 2013; 7pm

98editions is 98weeks' new editorial project. Every six months, three to four writers and artists are invited to compose a text in which they question, forget, revisit, and reconfigure their relationship to language, be it written or visual. 98editions is a blank page on which to publish “something else”, not publishable through more conventional channels (magazines, journals, books). In the tradition of the literary pamphlet, each issue presents a single text. For our inaugural launch, 98editions will feature new work by Chaza Charafeddine, Hisham Awad, Christopher Pérez and Mirene Arsanios, as well as a new series of postcards titled “Ruby in Paradise” by designer Karine Wehbe. The launch will feature author readings, drinks, and assorted other merriment/mayhem.

Chaza Charafeddine
Charaffedine’s publication is composed of scanned pages taken from Al Hilal magazines where she underlines, highlights and comments through marginalia and playful doodles on the magazine’s views on women and their role in society in the 70s.

Born in Lebanon, Chaza Charafeddine first explored the fields of performance and dance before turning to visual arts and photography. After her studies in curative education at LA BRANCHE-Centre de formation en pédagogie curative et sociothérapie in Switzerland and eurhythmy dance at the EURYTHMIE SCHULE HAMBURG in Germany, she taught dance in Switzerland and Lebanon. Between 2000 and 2006, she worked in the cultural field in collaboration with different institutions in Berlin and Beirut. Her photographic works Divine Comedy (2010) and The unbearable Lightness of Witnessing (2012) were shown at Agial Gallery in Beirut. In 2012, she published her first novel Flashback (Dar Asaqi, Beirut). She has been living in Beirut since 2006, where she works as an artist and a writer.

void.cut (Hisham Awad and Basia Lewandowska Cummings)

Four ways to read the cut is a glossary inspired by Deuleuze’s Abecedary whereby the collective void.cut re-reads cinematic language through figures such as association, orbit, permutation and the zone.

void.cut is working to develop a precise and attentive lexicon for a close-reading of images and sounds. Building a curatorial and literary project – taxonomies, glossaries, texts, and audio-visual assemblages – void.cut focuses on cinematic and post-cinematic montage in order to examine multiple modes of ocular and auditory attention.

Christopher Rey Pérez
On the heels of our enemies, a 16 pages long poem is not a meditation but an active engagement with shifting geographical and imaginary borders, from Mexico to Jerusalem.

Born in the Río Grande Valley of Texas, Christopher Rey Pérez holds degrees in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Texas at Austin and the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts in New York. He has lived and written in México, Guatemala, Argentina, and Brazil. Currently, he is a Visiting Lecturer at Al-Quds Bard Honors College in the West Bank. He is also the editor of a new journal of the Americas, Dolce Stil Criollo.

Mirene Arsanios
Never a Cat is a text inspired by the AUB student revolution while simultaneously hovering over historical referencing.

Mirene Arsanios is a writer and the co-founder of 98weeks project space. Her writings have been published in Bidoun, Flash Art International, Cura Magazine, The Rumpus and Ibraaz magazine.

Saturday April 12, 6-8pm

Join us for the launch of MAKHZIN, 98editions’ new literary magazine. This first issue, guest edited by Omar Berrada, Lara Khaldi and Ghalya Saadawi, is comprised of contributions from 22 authors in English, Arabic, and French.

There will be readings and drinks!

Makhzin N01 features: Lina Morawetz, Raed Rafei, Alex Cuff, Haig Aivazian, Christopher Rey Pérez, Raafat Majzoub, JK Rowling, Amira Hanafi, Wajdi al-Ahdal (Translated by Nada Ghosn), Monica Basbous, Aya Nabih, Hisham Bustani, Mo Maria Sarkis, Jalal Maghout, Mariam Yassin, Bassem Mansour, Chloé Griffin and Samuel Wilder, Robert Ostrom, Rim Battal, Claire Wilcox, and Ruth Höflich.