SAVE THE DATE - Labour. Capital. Institution: A Forum on Feminisms
3 & 4 July, 2015
98Weeks Research Space
Co-organised with Sidsel Nelund
Within the current research topic of 98weeks, A Forum on Feminisms focuses on labour and its relation to capital, domesticity and institutions. At this specific moment, there is a growing economy of domestic work and migratory flows significant not only for a Lebanese context. Simultaneously, Beirut is experiencing an increase in new art institutions and we see that women constitute a precarious part of the work force upon which the art world functions. As art institutions continuously reproduce this exploitation, we would like to critically ask: How can we think of underpaid women in the art world in the frame of a larger history of un(der)paid domestic work?
To address this question, we have invited scholars, artists, activists, curators and researchers to focus on the topics of Capital and Institutions over two days. We wish to encourage engagement of participants and have allocated slots of open discussion at the end of each day.
Sidsel Nelund is an art writer and theorist living and working in Copenhagen.
Further details will be announced soon!
العمالة، رأس المال، المؤسسات: ندوة حول النسويات
٣ - ٤ تموز/ يوليو ٢٠١٥
تنظيم مشترك لـ"٩٨أسبوع" و سيدسل نلوند
ضمن إطار البحث الحالي لـ"٩٨أسبوع"، تركّز ندوة حول النسويات على العمالة وعلاقتها برأس المال، العمل المنزلي، والمؤسسات. يشهد الزمن الراهن نمواً في اقتصاد العمل المنزلي وتدفقات الهجرة، ليس فقط على المستوى اللبناني المحلي. كما وتشهد بيروت تزايد  في عدد المؤسسات الفنية حيث تشكل النساء العاملات الجزء الأكبر من القوة العاملة، التي يقوم عليها عالم الفن.
في حين تواصل المؤسسات الفنية إعادة إنتاج هذا الاستغلال للعمالة، نسأل بحس نقدي: كيف يمكننا تقييم وضع النساء العاملات في المؤسسات الفنية بأجور متدنية في الإطار التاريخي الأوسع من العمالة المنزلية المجانية؟

لمقاربة هذه المسألة، تستضيف "٩٨أسبوع" عدد من المفكرين، الفنانين، الناشطين، القيّمين، والباحثين لمناقشة مسألة رأس المال والمؤسسات على مدى يومين. كما نرحّب بمشاركة الحضور وقد خصصنا لذلك حلقات نقاش عامة ومفتوحة  في نهاية كل يوم من أيام الندوة.

سيدسل نلوند هي كاتبة وباحثة فنية مقيمة في كوبنهاغن.
ترقبوا المزيد من التفاصيل قريباً!

29 May - 1 June 2015
Bergen, Norway
98WEEKS was invited to take part in a series of events organized by KNIPSU, artist-run initiative from Bergen, and the Syrian Cultural Caravan, gathering art professionals from Syria, Lebanon and Europe to exhibit Syrian art and culture in public and to discuss the mutual effect of art and society.
Participants: Ahmad Kaddour, Akram Al Halabi, Ali Kaaf, Amanda Abi Khalil, Amélie Duhamel, Amjad Wardeh, Ammar Abd Rabbo, Andrea Lange, Assem Al Bacha, Bahram Hajou, Dino Ahmad Ali, Dona Timani/98Weeks, Emad Mustafa, Eyas al Mokdad, Firas Jabakhanji, Iman Hasbani, Jaber Al Azmeh, Khaled al Jaramani, Khaled Al Khani, Khaled Takreti, Khouloud Al Zghayare, Kjetil Selvik, Mey Sefan, Meyar al Roumi, Mohamad al Roumi, Mohamad Omran, Mohanad Aljaramani, Monif Ajaj, Muzaffar Salman, Nayssam Jalal, Omar Nicolas, Shada Safadi, Tammam Azzam, Walid el Masri, Walaa Dakak, Yaser Safi

Curated by Maya Økland, Wiam Alaridi and Mohamad al Roumi

KNIPSU is an artist-run initiative from Bergen, Norway that functions as a nomadic art space. It provides an interdisciplinary meeting point for artists across national borders, producing exhibitions, events, screenings, concerts, workshops and publications. It is run within the framework of collaboration and DIY by artists Hilde Jørgensen and Maya Økland since August 2010. KNIPSU is generously supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and Bergen City.
The “Syrian Association for Cultural Support” is an artistic work that came up as a result of the encounter “On Lost and Mutable Things”, curated by Omar Nicolas. That encounter gathered eight Syrian artists and cultural producers from inside and outside of Syria. It took place last September at the Mansion art space in Beirut, Lebanon. The association is concerned with questions about cultural identities during times of crisis, the relation of arts and politics and of artists and institutions. The work of the association focuses on the current artistic practices of Syrian artists and cultural producers and how these practices are getting established within the local and global art and cultural context. The association releases itself from being an actual association. Instead it travels as a space, an application, slogan, a performance, a newspaper, a film and an intervention.
For further details on the program, please visit: http://knipsu.no/cultural-caravan/

Starting: 1 April 2015

98Weeks has found a second home in Mar Mkhayel. As of 1 April 2015, 98Weeks will host events in its new space. Please see the map below for directions.

98Weeks would like to thank all those who have generously hosted its events in recent months. Special thanks go to Marra.tein and Mansion.

Our new space will be open every Monday and Wednesday from 3 pm to 7 pm, and Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.